Divorce and Separation – Therapeutic Mediation and Consultancy

Telephone and video sessions (e.g. Zoom or Skype) are available
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At The Balint Consultancy we understand the pain and psychological distress of relationship breakdown.  We recognise the toll this takes on people going through the experience, as well as on the professionals working within the family justice system.

We provide a safe and confidential space to think about the range of issues involved as partners disentangle their lives and their feelings about it.  We help them to reflect upon aspects of the experience that may be causing them most distress and we try to understand why they particularly might be affected.  We can help couples clarify whether separation and divorce is the right route for them, or whether there are other options.  We have a strong focus on managing the issues linked to children, and offer support to parents to ensure positive, collaborative co-parenting after separation.

We work closely alongside practitioners in the family justice system, supporting them, – in broad as well as in case-specfic terms – with the dynamics and pressures coming from the divorce process and how these can play out in the network of agencies involved.  We offer in-depth consultations to law firms on how task-related anxieties stemming from the work can impact upon organisations as a whole, and how these may play out in staff groups and on the firm as a whole.