Organisational Consultancy

Telephone and video sessions (e.g. Zoom or Skype) are available

At the Balint Consultancy, we approach work with organisations from a relational perspective.  We believe that organisations operate effectively when people feel positive about their working relationships. Our approach is to find ways to enhance working relationships; freeing blocks to collaborative, creative working and empowering teams.

We know that relationship difficulties or conflicts between key members of staff or departments create conditions at work which do not allow for the optimisation of productive work.

We start with the relationship we build with your organisation.  We want to make a personal connection to you, building a partnership in which we can really understand some of the issues which may be “getting in the way”.  We have a listening approach and undertake a full organisational or departmental health check.  We don’t bring instant, off the shelf solutions but tailor our approach to your circumstances and priorities.

We take a systemic approach – understanding the myriad influences at play and how they interconnect. We do this by looking at all aspects of an organisation; talking to employees at all levels gaining perspectives which allow us to develop pragmatic workable solutions.

We “diagnose” key issues and then listen to your response to our hypotheses.  Once we agree on the key issues which underlie blocks to progress and development, we work with you to provide workable, effective approaches to change.

We work in partnership with our clients to deliver high-impact and influential change for business, the public sector, the legal profession and not-for-profit organisations.