Social Policy – A new kind of consultancy

Telephone and video sessions (e.g. Zoom or Skype) are available

At The Balint Consultancy we provide new and surprising insights, in-depth research and psychological expertise for policy makers, organisations, and government departments.

Psychoanalytic modes of thinking have much to bring to an understanding of often seemingly intractable social and political issues. The psychoanalytic research method focuses on human subjectivity and the impediments to wanted change. It studies people in the process of change and can be used to bring psychological insight and extra value to the more conventional ways of analysing a wide range of social phenomenon be it interpersonal violence, gang culture, radicalisation or what contributes to transgenerational poverty.

Susie Orbach and Susanna Abse can bring a depth and richness to policy and programme development, supporting policy makers to develop effective ideas and programmes by providing psychological insights and practical support.

Balint Consultants have contributed to a wide range of social policy developments which include work on early intervention; the first 1000 days; family and relationship support; life chances, mental health, body shaming; eating disorders; family law; parenting and adoption.

We have worked with a wide range of lobbying and pressure groups; business; charities and government departments including the DfE, DWP and the DoH.

We welcome enquires from all sectors and will happily engage in informal discussions to explore how we might work together.