Executive Coaching

Telephone and video sessions (e.g. Zoom or Skype) are available

Executive Coaching consists of a bespoke relationship within which a client is able to focus and explore his or her professional and interpersonal development.  The boundaries of the coach-client relationship protect the client by offering a reflective space in which discretion and confidentiality are ensured.  Our clients are typically senior people within an organisation, managing complex roles in executive positions.  Our consultants are experienced coaches, many of whom have considerable experience of working in managerial or leadership roles themselves.

At The Balint Consultancy we employ a coaching model which is informed by psychodynamic theory:  a coaching relationship of this nature enables someone to understand themselves in relational depth.  Clients are helped to reflect, explore, and interrogate their beliefs, assumptions, and behaviour which may be limiting their capacity to become their most productive selves or may be impacting on their relationships in the workplace.

Coaching is a powerful process which reveals aspects of a client’s behaviour which might impede personal development and interpersonal effectiveness.  These impediments often operate outside the conscious awareness of the client but through close listening, respectful questioning, and analytical thinking, we can help clients become more aware of the blocks and barriers which limit the client’s capacity to manage anxiety, to calculate risk courageously, to de-escalate conflict, to absorb pressure creatively, and to experience oneself as robust and resilient.

When asked to account for their professional success, people typically cite qualities and values such as intelligence, education, diligence, talent, industriousness, ambition, competency, commitment, good fortune, tenacity, good judgement, and courage.  However, elevation to a senior role can have a disquieting effect upon an individual who experiences these qualities as no longer sufficient to meet the demands of a new role, and confidence and self-esteem can be undermined by feelings of exposure and shame.  Our consultants can expand the capacity to manage such transitions and to master the complexity of professional challenges.