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What Goes Round Sometimes Doesn’t …

Back in 2009 Karnac Books published a collection of papers containing psychoanalytic perspectives on sex, attachment and couple psychotherapy. Indeed, ‘Sex, Attachment and Couple Psychotherapy’ was the title chosen by the editor, Christopher Clulow, for this first book in the Library of Couple Psychoanalysis, which marked the sixtieth anniversary of the Tavistock Centre for Couple Relationships (now called Tavistock Relationships).

In selecting a cover for the book Christopher went to great lengths to track down a Polish sculptor, Piotr Woroniec, who was living in a remote part of Poland and had produced a series of sculptures entitled ‘Adam and Eve’. With the help of a native Polish speaker he was able to correspond with Piotr and arrange for a black and white photo to be taken of a particularly apposite sculpture: that of a couple hewn out of the same piece of roughly carved wood, intimate yet apart, whose shadow fell on the rustic  floorboard that supported it. With his permission that photo appeared on the cover.

This month, somewhat to Christopher’s surprise, two copies of the book translated into Polish arrived by post. Sadly, the original carving on the cover had been replaced by a more conventional photo of couple intimacy.