New Publications from Susie Orbach and Professor Kahr

New Publications from Susie Orbach and Professor Kahr


Professor Kahr’s latest book, Coffee with Freud, which is part of the “Interviews with Icons” series, and a sequel to his well received book Tea with Winnicott, will be published by Karnac Books in time for Christmas!


“Sigmund Freud pays another visit to Vienna’s renowned Café Landtmann, where he had often enjoyed reading newspapers and sipping coffee. Freud explains how he came to invent psychoanalysis, speaks bluntly about his feelings of betrayal by Carl Gustav Jung, recounts his flight from the Nazis, and so much more, all the while explaining his theories of symptom formation and psychosexuality.”
In therapy: How Conversations with Psychotherapists Really Work by Susie Orbach will be published by Profile Books at the beginning of November.
“In the UK alone, 1.5 million people are in therapy. They go to address past traumas, to break patterns of behaviour, to confront eating disorders or addiction, to talk about relationships, or simply because they need to find out more about what makes them tick. Susie Orbach, the bestselling author of Fat is a Feminist Issue and Bodies, has been a psychotherapist for over forty years. Here, she explores what goes on in the process of therapy – what she thinks, feels and believes about the people who seek her help – through five dramatised case studies. Replicating the improvised dialogue of the radio series as a playscript, Orbach offers us the experience of reading along with a session, while revealing what is going on behind each exchange between analyst and client. Insightful and honest about a process often necessarily shrouded in secrecy”

The new In Therapy series will air on November 7th for 10 weekdays on BBC Radio 4. Watch out for two london events about the book and popular radio series taking place at The Freud Museum with Jane Haberlin on November 1st And one at the Wellcome on October 29th